Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Welcome to the world William x

Well my gorgeous little man it's hard to believe that you are already 2 months old. The last 8 weeks have just flown by and I can hardly believe that it is Christmas already. Your very first Christmas.

Born on the 27th of October you spent your first two weeks as the boy with no name as it took me and your dad that long to agree. In the end your dad just said you chose and if he doesn't like his name then he can blame you. So there you go little man if you hate your name it's all your mothers fault. 

Weighing in at about the same weight as your sister your entry into the world was a hell of a lot easier on me than your sisters or perhaps I was just a lot calmer this time around as I knew what to expect. My labour pains started at about 2am by 5am we went to the hospital  to get mummy some medicine as I had severe nausea. When the midwife checked I was dis appointingly only 2cms dilated (devastated as I knew it was then going to be a long day) after being sent home I was still throwing up daddy insisted that we go back to re hospital and be seen by the midwife so after more medication I was put on a drip and stayed there for observations. After 2 hours on an IV drip I felt my waters break.  So I was moved into the delivery room to be examined again. By 11.30am I had progressed to 5cms (I was nearly in tears by this point as I thought it was still going to be hours) but half hour later I was saying to the midwife 'i need to push I need to push' and she said 'no! Wait I need to check'. When she checked she said okay go ahead and push. And that was that 3 pushes later and a few gutteral screams and you were here! Dad made the call to grandad to tell them you were here and sienna had an agonising wait to come meet you. She was so excited and all she could talk about was her baby!! 

Those first few weeks we had nana and grandad staying with us and to be honest they passed in a bit of a blur. It was a great help having them here to help manage sienna whilst we concentrated on you. But then suddenly in the blink of an eye they were gone and it was time to find our own routine. 

You had a rough first few weeks suffering with some digestion problems which we thought could have possibly been reflux but as it turns out it was just your gut maturing. 

At week 6 you started to smile and what looked to me to be a bit of a giggle. This has made being with you that little bit more lovely as now when I talk to you, you coo back at me and your eyes light up.

At the moment you are still such a sleepy little boy. You had 2 naps in the morning one big sleep for a few hours in the afternoon and then another siesta before bed. Then you have also in the last 10 days been only waking for one night feed. It's been amazing so far! Long may it continue. You have also already mastered the art if self settling in the morning - it's amazing I can cuddle you wrap you up and lie you down and you can put yourself to sleep... Your sister was never like that I would spendin hours rocking, patting and shushing!

Well as tonight draws to a close I wish you a very merry 1st Christmas my wonderful little boy! I know you have no idea what is going on with all the mayhem around you but know that you are a very loved and treasured part of our little family which now feels complete xxx