Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The 4 month sleep regression

Well it's been a tough week little man. You have gone from being a fab sleeper to an awful one!

Apparently you are showing classic signs of the '4 month sleep regression' and mummy is totally exhausted. At the weekend you were up pretty much every 90 mins and as a quick fix to get you back to sleep I was giving you a quick feed. But this soon became tiresome so we started sleep training on Monday night. A slow start but you have shown some great improvements in the last 3 days. So, we have started by putting you to bed earlier as apparently this is an important step in getting you to sleep longer. So bed at 6, you're a bit unsettled for a few hours but with the aid of the shusher, some gentle patting and a lot of patience you have been learning how to transgress from baby sleep to adult sleep patterns. Quick dream feed at 10 and then a feed at 2am when you wake. Any wake ups in between are strictly shushing and patting. It's been tough but is gradually getting easier and better nighttime sleeps have actually improved your day sleeps. Instead of the catnaps you were taking we are now back to 1-2 hour sleeps by dropping your later afternoon nap and putting you to bed earlier.

We started solids this week and you have taken to it pretty well. You are even grabbing the spoon out of my hand and it's a wrestle to get it back. So far we have tried apple, banana and pumpkin for dinner. 

I also had a big win for you today as I managed to get you to take some formula. You still won't take a bottle but today you successfully drank 130mls from a sippy cup! Woohoo. Let's just hope you continue to do this so that mummy can actually go out and leave you! 

Last week you have your second round of Immunisations. Apart from the yelps when they jabbed you, you took it really well. You had a feed went straight off to sleep and when you woke up you had bounced right back to your normal smiley self.

You grip is getting so strong now you are really reaching out to grab things however, this has also resulted in Hair grabbing and once you are locked on it's like a vice grip to get you detangled.

So you have been rolling from back to front for about a month... Today you totally surprised me by rolling from front to back. I think you still need some practise though.

In general when you are well rested you are such a delightful happy little boy when you're awake. You rarely winge and are pretty adaptable. Not like when you were first born, then you didn't seem to know how to be awake. You seem to be enjoying the company of other babies now and coo and make eye contact when we meet up for mother's group.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wow nearly 4 months old!

Well mummy clearly has some catching up to do. It has been a crazy busy few months since my last post and you have gone from being a tiny baby to gaining weight fast and developing at a rapid taste!

On New Years Eve we were told by our landlord that we had to move out of the apartment we bought you home to. This chaos ensued as we rushed around viewing apartments to rent and then suddenly we only had 3 weeks to pack up all our belongings and move. We now have a lovely little house in Gordon where we have 3 bedrooms so room for a little nursery where you have your own cot. It's taking a while to get you settled in your own room. I think you miss the blizzard. So then more chaos as we unpacked. It has taken 3 weeks but I think we are finally beginning to settle in.

More house hunting every weekend only this time with the view to buy something and hopefully we can all settle down for good. 4 moves in 18months = not much fun!

 You seem so keen to catch up with your big sister... At 3 months old you were already rolling over and this seems to have hindered your sleep a little in the last few weeks as you fall asleep roll onto your tummy and then wake unto urself up as you're stuck and can't turn back the other way. 

We keep trying to persist to get you to take a bottle but at the moment you aren't playing ball! Need to keep trying... Although maybe soon you will be ready to try real food.

You've now outgrown the sink and as there is no bath you have taken well to having showers although you are rather slippery!

You are such a lovely little happy boy generally. It is gorgeous to hear you giggling an really start to laugh in the last month. I have a beautiful video of sienna playing peek-a-boo with you last week and you were giggling uncontrollably. 

We have been meeting once a week with other mums and bubs. It is amazing how fast you are all developing and growing. Hopefully you will have some lovely little friends out of it. We aim to take you swimming for the first time this week so hopefully you enjoy that!

You are soon due your 4 month immunisations