Monday, 27 April 2015

6 months young

Well baby boy the months are just flying by and I can barely keep up.

You seem to be growing up so very quickly before my very eyes! 

You are really smashing through your milestones. You have gone from rolling at 3 months crawling backwards at 4 month a and are now crawling forward and sitting at only 5 months. You first crawled over Easter and are quickly gaining pace. You are 6 months old today and in the last week have started making a few lurches forward on all 4's.
Your big sister loves you so much- she always wants to be hugging or carrying you around. You are such a chille out little fella and put up with whatever she does to you most of the time - although sometimes you look at me with those big blue eyes as if to say 'what is she doing to me!' Please help!'

It's been an up and down month as far as sleep is concerned - you are certainly an early riser especially since the clocks changed. Most days you are awake at 4.30-5am when daddy takes over and gets up with you as I have been on night shift duty. 

You'll still not a big eater - you are tracking along the 15th percentile for your weight at only 7.3kgs. Although I certainly feel the weight when I am carrying you around all the time!