Saturday, 22 August 2015

9 months young - Trials and Tribulations

Well as I am sat writing this on a bench in the glorious winter sunshine the temperature gauge is currently at 23 degrees. What a glorious day. Even though I feel dead on my feet the fresh air and sunshine are doing me the world of good. Sienna is at jazzy dancing and you are snoring peacefully in your pram. 

It's been a tough few months since our return from England. Sleep is illusive, first we had to combat the jet lag, then stop the night feelings, then you got sick, better for a week, sick again and then last week at 9 1/2 months you got your first tooth. So it has been absolute hell. You are either awake every hour from 1am to 4am or you wake up at 2am and stay awake for 2 hours until you are fed at 4. Feeling the sleep deprivation little man... When oh when are you going to learn to sleep.... I love you but this is killing me.

During the days you are a very happy smiley little choppy though and everyone falls in love with your big blue eyes and fuzzy ginger mop. They all tell me that you look just like me.

You are smashing through your milestones. At 8 months when we returned from England you started standing and cruising around the furniture and you have let go and stood on your own for a few seconds but then topple over. I did think you would be walking by now but to be honest I think it won't be long! Give you another month or so and I believe you'll be off.

Decided to start Gymbaroo with you yesterday as at the moment all activities for the day revolve around your sister and you seemed to really enjoy it. You even found yourself a little friend 'odelia' you both took such an instant liking to one another and were hugging and kissing at the end of the session. Was so cute to see you like that with another baby!

You're still a pretty little guy for your age and only weighed 8.5 kilos at your checking at the peadeatrician on your 9 month birthday. But you have a very healthy appetite for such a little boy. We were soon off the mashed puréed mush as you weren't that keen and always wanted whatever we were eating. You love any food you can feed yourself and hold on your hands. Which daddy loves of course as most days you look as though you have bathed in the food rather than eaten it!