Sunday, 4 October 2015

The great escape

Well what a dramatic end to sleep school. About an hour and. A half after you had gone to bed the nurse came and woke me up and said - I think William is unwell he keeps coughing and it sounds like it could be croup. So we went in your room to check on you and having had repeated croup incidences with her kids she said yep... It's croup lets get you off to hospital as we can't treat you hear. So they packed us off in an ambulance. When we got there they have you a dose of steroids and then said right try and get some sleep. Try as I might it was so bright on the ward and there was so much noise you were having none of it! So whilst you flirted with all the nurses I went for a walk and organised a taxi home. 

We got home at 2am and you were wired from the drugs they had given you but I managed to get you to sleep for a few hours. I was so dos-appointed I wanted to cry as I thought all the progress we had made at sleep school was ruined! Your day naps were hard to settle you for and I thought we were in for a rough night. But, I stuck to the plan and at 6.30 you looked exhausted so we had quiet wind down time and then I put you down to bed at 6.45.... And didn't hear from you again until 5.45!!!! You did it. For the first time ever you slept through the night. I am over the moon!

You have showed even more improvements over the last 2 nights. The clocks went forward on Saturday so you still woke up at 4am but I didn't feed you and after an hour you went back to sleep for another hour. I am now sat in bed writing this as you woke me up at 5am but after 5 mins of moaning you have turned over and gone back to sleep. Last night when I put you to sleep you didn't even cry.

I know we will have good days and bad days but I am over the moon. I can't believe how much progress we have made in just a week! I am so proud of you! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

A night of two halves

Well after settling down to sleep beautifully in under 2 minutes you slept perfectly until 4am and I genuinely didn't know what to do. I felt as though you had done so well to get to 4am (plus you didn't eat much dinner) so I felt as though you deserved some sort of reward. So I fed you but after your feed you were then wide awake and ready to party.

I was deviated that our day was going to start at 4am... It was going to be a long day but Katherine the nurse with me insisted that you needed to learn to stay in your cot until a more reasonable hour. So, we pushed through. Lots of in and out and shushing and patting and finally and unexpectedly you have in at 5.35 and went back to sleep until 7.10! Hurrah - not sure we could achieve that at home with your noisy sister but at least I know you can be resettled in the early hours. 

Not much for brekkie today just 3/4 of a mandarin. I decided to skip morning and afternoon tea for you today as I think we're filling you up too much and then you don't want tea...

Anyway morning and afternoon sleeps worked perfectly you self settled in under 10 minutes each time and I really think our little walk and chat before you go to sleep are helping you to unwind before sleep so that it definitely something I will 
need to continue on with. 

This evening I was feeling very confident and as I laid you down and left the room there was barely a murmur- awesome I thought we had cracked it. All was fine for ten minutes and you were asleep. 
Just as you must have been drifting off Alexis went to bed and screamed blood curling screams and suddenly you were wide awake and screaming. I left you for a while but your screams got louder and more persistent. I tried just laying you down and shushing you twice and left the room quite quickly. On the third time I laid my hands on you and stayed with you a little while as you were clearly becoming distressed. New plan is to not feed you at 4am but to try and push you till at least 4.30 and continue to do this for at least a few days until 4.30 becomes 5 and eventually 5.30 and then it's acceptable to wake up because let's face it anything with beginning with a 4 as a wake up is just offensive. 

You have really charmed all the ladies here and a few of them have asked if they can take you home as they think you are adorable. You definitely have charm and I think this will get you far in life!