Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Happy 1st Birthday baby!

I can hardly believe that you are already a year old. The months since our trip to England have just flown by you are now walking - no running around and into everything you little devil, you are now giving high fives, clapping and have 2 words. Dada and up. Why does dad get all the glory??

Since our trip to Tresillian you have been sleeping through most nights -
We still get some very early morning wake ups like this morning when you thought it was acceptable to be up at 4.30 - errr no that's not going to work... But most nights you are pretty good now. Hurrah! Mummy is finally getting some sleep.

We had a fab day on your birthday. You, me and Sienna went to a fun day at wahroonga park and despite the ran we enjoyed the balloons, craft and bubbles they had set up for kids that day. You enjoyed a small cupcake which me and Sienna made in honour of your special day. When we returned home daddy joined us for an afternoon of fun at softplay and before we knew it the day was over... 
On Sunday we held a Halloween themed party which I think was more for your sister than you as I know you won't remember any of it. Oh well we will have these fun photos to show you and this funny story to tell you...

So the night before your party we were all running around cleaning and tidying up and you were running about outside. I'd changed you once and then you did another number 2 so I told daddy it was his turn to change you - he thought that he would give you some nappy free time outside as he didn't think it was possible you could have any more poo. So you were happily playing in the cubby house 
When I hear a quick quick plea for help. When I arrived you were smeared all over you hands face and mouth in what we quickly realised was you own poo!!! Gross! I was almost sick trying to clean you up. It was straight in the shower!