Monday, 9 May 2016

May 2016

Home again

Sienna gets a puppy for her birthday
Getting to know Rosie
Sienna's birthday party
Puppy love
Sienna took this picture with her new cameta
William has his chicken Pox vaccine 
Rosie fits in here?
Poor William has sore mouth, nose, hands and feet
Weather has changed

April 2016. Thailand holiday

Only a few days to go
Getting ready to fly
Trouble, who me?
Want some
Watching Sienna at school sports
Day at the beach
Up early to go on holiday
Sydney airport
Airport play area
Ready Thailand here we come

Arrive Samui
Check out this pool
Checking out the Amari Resort play area 
I can do it granddad 
Checking out nana and granddad's  room
Pool time
Nap time
Kids club
Nana's hat
Nana's nightie
Can this bit go here granddad
Restuarant Big Horn
Festival of Songkran 
Kids club
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Peeow peeow 
Got you Nana
Got you Granddad
Evening stroll
Dinner at the beach
Yeah I love sand
Nana doesn't
This water is hot
Meeting your new cousin Carys
Cuddles with nana
cuddle Sienna
Who's that handsome fella
Sand castles
The seas as hot as the pool
Is that a mermaid 
Getting ready for the pool 

Lunch at the Amari cafe
Granddad bought me some Thai boxing shorts
Got to rub my sun cream in
Do I look better like this
Beach food
Nap time
Cool down time 
Nursery Rhymes and songs with Nana
Where's my breakfast
Carys doesn't want to share hers 
Back to the beach
Head and shoulders 
Who's shoes are these
Off to a beach dinner
Making new friends
Kiss granddad
Pool time
Nap time
Beach lunch
Some for you mum
Kids club
Yes please auntie Kelly
Nana and Granddad baby sit
Twinkle twinkle little star
Shhhhhh secret back to the beach

Sienna does some cleaning up
Promise you'll catch me mummy
Another nap, it's s hard life
Kids club at carys's place
Kids club
Is that you granddad 
Last lunch
Time to leave
Samui airport
Bangkok airport
Flight back to Australia
Home again